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Luke 24:21 "three days have passed"
bknight Wrote:If you believe God is in control of nature, natural explanations don't negate miracles. I remember as a kid someone said to my mother that Jericho was destroyed by an earthquake.

"Ok?" Was her response, "But you can't beat the timing."

In regards to the sky being dark on the day Yeshua was crucified, it could have just as easily been just REALLY CLOUDY but that doesn't mean its not a sign from heaven.

Natural explanations can possibly fit some scenarios, but not others (like raising the dead, or turning water into wine.) I really feel that sometimes the reach to find a scientific explanation for everything dilutes the meaning of a miracle.


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Luke 24:21 "three days have passed" - by bknight - 03-31-2013, 04:25 AM
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