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Luke 24:21 "three days have passed"
Thanks for your input, I use dukhrana as well. I know of no other online reference as valuable for studying the Peshitta.

Your translation is very word-for-word and literal, which is not a bad thing but can make it hard for someone not familiar with the ORIGINAL language to grasp the sense of exactly what is being said. I think you would agree with me that the greek tritos (third) is a mistranslation. So we're getting somewhere. Would you interpret "three days out from this [the crucifixion]" as meaning that BETWEEN the day of the occurrence, and the day of the recounting, three days had ELAPSED, or that the events described happened three days AGO?

This question might be better suited for a native speaker. I already know Akhi Paul's answer (from his interlinear, of course) but am interested in knowing WHY he interprets it that way.

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