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Message for the Thadman
drmlanc Wrote:Hey, I think you asked a while back for help with your website or something like that. I don't know jack about Aramaic, so I probably wouldn't be of much help. But let me know if you need someone to do 'monkey work', it would be an honour.



Hey I'd always love a helping hand :-)

I'm going to try and launch the new site design this weekend, and a subsequent edit will allow for editor accounts for site maintenance, article writing, etc.. Before I do that, however, I need to write up a manual for the XML that my interpreter uses, and fiddle with my Script Parsing Engine so that it utilizes an XML format instead of the silly incomprehensible text files it currently uses (if you haven't guessed I've been moving the entire site onto an XML base for the past two months :-) ). I also want to write a graphical editor for a couple of things, but those will come later. When I have the editor accounts set up, I'll give you an email and set you up with one :-)


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