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Saluqa, did we submit to Rome?
Alan G77 Wrote:Shamasha Paul, did we submit to Rome under Saluqa in the 1500's only to break away after about 100 years? Do you know of this messy period? God bless.

Shlama Akhan Alan.

Sulaqa did indeed submit to Rome in 1552, and his line died out about 100 years later. He was not in the line of our patriarchal succession, despite the claims being made by the Chaldeans. That is pure propaganda. I've personally spoke with His Grace Mar Awa about these lies, and the church is preparing a rebuttal based on historical documents from the Aboona family.

The Mar Shimon line of Patriarchs (currently represented by His Holiness Mar Dinkha) represents a direct line from Mar Shimon (Bar Mama) whom Sulaqa rebelled against.

For about 300 years after the Sulaqa line died, a dual patriarchate existed until Mar Yukhnanan Hormizd submitted to Rome in the 19th century, resulting in the current Chaldean patriarchate.

Don't pay too much attention to the Sulaqa claim, again it's just propaganda from the Vatican ultimately meaning to try and discredit our apostolic succession. It comes up constantly in our talks wih the Chaldeans until we slap them with the facts.


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