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Look what I just found!
Thirdwoe Wrote:I was reading some of Clement of Alexandria's writings tonight, he lived from about 150-215 A.D. and is considered a very important Greek Church teacher/father...and this is what he says about the book of Hebrews!

"As Luke also may be recognised by the style, both to have composed the Acts of the Apostles, and to have translated Paul?s Epistle to the Hebrews."

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you do know that Paul (a Hebrew man) wrote the book of Hebrews to the Hebrews in the GREEK language, and used the hand of an undebatably Greek man to translate it into HEBREW for Hebrews who actually didn't speak Hebrew at all, but the obvious lingua franca of the day, Greek? i just don't want you to be confused or anything on the logic of the whole thing....

(the above was typed while wearing my Greek Primacist costume, complete with toga and sitting in my vomitorium in a wing off of St. Peter's square...)

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Chayim b'Moshiach,

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