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interested in Messianic Judaism info.

I introduce myself as a gentile (non Jew) who was originally brought up in a mainstream 'christian' denomination. Upon adulthood, this was abandoned. I am religion independent for many years now but remain keen in scriptural study. I have always had an interest in Tanakh based scripture. Quite honestly, the 'new testament' scriptures were quite the mystery until several years ago despite my 'christian' upbringing. Now things are making better sense in both Tanakh and 'new testament' bases. It's quite extraordinary and well beyond my limited abilities of comprehension.

I have developed an interest in Messianic Judaism. It reminds me of 1st century Jews who were followers of the Messiah. Being a gentile, I am aware of my position from a scriptural standpoint. So from this humble perspective I merely seek communication with Jews who are associated with the Messianic Judaism movement. My heart is light and I look forward to meeting the right people.

Best regards!


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interested in Messianic Judaism info. - by Rodomoc - 06-20-2012, 02:16 AM

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