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"Let no (pagan) therefore judge you..."
Those who ran ahead of Paul and foolowed behind are irrelevant. He is not talking about them in this text. Why can't you jst let the text speak?

I do not teach salvation by works. I teach works by salvation.

"the Doers of the Law shall be justified." but "By the works of the Law no flesh shall be justified."

That is, if you are trusting to your own works and are trying to be justified by the Law then you have fallen from Grace. However if you put your trust in Messiah, then He will write the Law on your heart, and His Spirit will cause you to be a Doer of the Law, and by Faith you will Uphold the Law. This is the teaching of Scripture.

Romans 14 says nothing about Dietary Law, or about the Sabbath or Feast of the LORD, these things are read into the text by "Carnal Minds which are Enmity with God because they are not Subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can they be."

Romans 14 is dealing with believers who are abstaining from all CLEAN meat (Lamb, Beef, Venison etc) because they are worried that it might have been sacrificed to an Idol. Though they do not know for sure if it has. We can see this by comparing Scripture with Scripture. Paul talks about the same subject in 1st Corinthians 8-10. What he is saying is simply, if you by some lamb chops down at the market, and you have know way of knowing whether they are Sacrificed to idols or not, then just pray over it, and enjoy. But if you doubt (that is, if you think it is Idol food) then you are damned because you are not eating faith. The reference to says, are related to the subject of food and idolatry. The believers did not know whether it was acceptable to worship on Pagan feast days (worship God that is, not worship idols), and I think that this is speaking directly to the Tradition of Worshiping on Sunday to celebrate the Lord's Resurrection. Paul was saying you are free to keep Sunday to the Lord, or you are free to not keep Sunday to the Lord. He NEVER gives permission to profane the Sabbath.

What Christians are so blind to see, is that even if you could undeniably proove that Paul taught against the Law, all you would have done is proven him to be a false Apostle. NO CHRISTIAN can go on sinning/transgressing the Law. God has already established that every one of His Commandments are founded forever, He did this 1000 years before Paul, God is not a liar, that He would say His Law is forever, and then change it.

"To the Law and the Testimony, if they speak not according to this Word it is because there is no light in them." "The Remnant of her seed, that keep the Commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ."


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