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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation

No, I have never heard of Paul Phillip Levertoff before, but will look into what he has to say. I think that we can have good relations with each other, Jew & Gentile believers in Messiah Y'shua...and I have no problem with Jewish people or even non-Jewish people (Gentiles) trying their best to walk in God's laws as laid out in the former Covenant, that would apply to people today under the New (better) Covenant, or as some would say, the Renewed Covenant....not to try to make sure their salvation though....and No person on earth can keep Torah 100% today anyway, even if they tried really really really hard to...and if they claim to do it, we know they are breaking it by bearing false witness...and we know what the curse is in the Law that says, if one point is broken, then the whole Law is broken. Thank God for The Messiah and His work of salvation!


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