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The Unleavend Bread, mingled with New Leaven
Brothers, as I was reading tonight in Justin Martyrs book "Dialouge with Trypho"...I came across this line, which I thought was very interesting, knowing that the Holy Malka in the Church of the East is Leavend Bread, yet it is taught that it 1st came from the Unleavend Bread of the last supper of Christ with His Apostles...Could it be, that this same original piece that is said the Apostle John was given by Christ, being then Unleaved for the feast, was after the 7 days of the Feast had passed, it was then mingled with the New Leaven as related here below? If anyone knows about this action being commanded to be done in the Torah, please point it out.

Here is the line I found which mentions it, where Justin is relating some of the Jewish practices of the feast of Unleavend Bread. He says:

"Accordingly, also, after the seven days of eating unleavened bread, God commanded them to mingle new leaven."


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The Unleavend Bread, mingled with New Leaven - by Thirdwoe - 02-29-2012, 07:41 AM

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