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Peshitta Aramaic Massorah - Matheus 28:19
We have no evidence this formula was adopted by the emissaries themselves; it's only seen this one time in the writing of Matthew.
It's hard to reject the reading, but it's also quite hard to accept it.

There is an advantage to reading the verse 28:19 with 'in my name,' of which the foremost is consistency with the words found in the book of the acts and those declared by Shim'un Kifa and his cronies. What is there beyond an advantage? The loss of a traditional reading and, some would say, the loss of a valid immersion. The latter of these is by no means outlined by the emissaries. Would immersion in the name of Yeshua somehow be invalid since, as Paul writes, we're immersed into Yeshua's death... not into a trinity or a death thereof -- an immersion of purity in the name of Yeshua and a life following that purity.
And then Yeshua will deny one because of a formula? Then answer this:
How come Shim'un Kifa immersed in Yeshua's name? Was he unknowingly condemning the new-found life of thousands?

I don't intend to light flames here, just some questions for discussion.

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