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"Woman" or "WIFE" and Yeshua's teaching on adultery

Ethic laws in the Torah, are basically simple, but always reason to discussion for those who want exact borders of 'what is possible or not' or 'what is sin or not' (since those people have not let develop their godly concience) as you can understand of the NT.

If one of the two are married, this is adultery.

What I personally do understand of Yeshu's sermon, is that moral laws NOT only apply to women, but to males also. In the middle-east, even in the Islam, it seems that males never are guilty of adultery. It's always the women that get caught red handed, and they are stoned to death. Even the story of John 8 shows the that mindset of some Middle-East people, which still exists.

So, this was one of the things that our Teacher teached us! Men, YOU are responsable for your deeds! Do not consider a 'wife-swap' as an easy thing. The reaction to this teaching from his (male) disciples was a stupefaction at this. (Matthew 19:10)

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