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How does the AENT 4th edition compare to the others?
Jerry Wrote:
Paul Younan Wrote:I don't translate from the CAL site: I translate from the text itself. Find a manuscript with the hard breaks you and CAL propose and we'll discuss it.
The CAL site has the text and the parsing. You said I fabricated the parsing to suit my purposes.

So tell me, did the CAL site fabricate its parsing to suit my purpose as well?

I don't know the origin of their parsing, nor do I care about the parsing itself. It matters not one iota to the translation. You are the one who mentioned it in support of your position. It's as irrelevant to me as the other wild goose chase you sent us on.

With both, you have managed to sidetrack the argument from the original point you were called out on.

Someone can say to you "Look at the cloud in the blue sky", with emphasis on the cloud, and somehow you manage to point out the sky is bluish-green today. What's the point in arguing like this?

The original question remains, how did you get "that-of" out of a simple Daleth Proclitic in Acts 2:36, unless it's reflecting your denial of orthodox Christology?


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