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Forsake / Spare interesting alternate possibility
Burning one Wrote:the possibility of "spare" with AZAB also exists in such places like Leviticus 19:10, or 23:22, so it really seems to work both ways, and context determines the best route of translation, although i would agree that "forsake" is definitely the preferred reading almost across the board on the Hebrew side. but my focus mainly exists in the Aramaic reading of Mark, so i am not even suggesting that the Hebrew originally intended it to be "spare," only focusing on the way the Aramaic is/can be understood, and the Greek variant readings as a possible sign that they were taken from the Aramaic.

Chayim b'Moshiach,
Wow, i totally missed those two, i wonder how many more there are. Though i still think those two were more likely meant as "forsaken" in the sense of the owner forsaking his property, it may clearly show how, among other uses, the word developed to its aramaic identity.

i did not mean to belittle the Aramaic reading, i just thought to point out that, if you are a Peshitta primacist, you may be more inclined to focus on the Hebrew, as it has validity and originality, over the Greek, which you consider to be mere translation, and as such, mere opinion. That the aramaic seems to support both readings seems unquestionned. But, if i was to look for help in clearing up the confusion, i'd just go to the Hebrew, because it clearly presents itself.

No hurt feelings, i guess if you see a lot of depth in "spare", it may very well be there, and it may very well me intended.
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