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Why wont AENT ever answer emails?
rungold315 Wrote:It seems like the site is dead, as well as this forum kinda is? I remember the likes of Paul Younan, Andrew Roth, D. Bauscher, Steve Silver, all these knowledgable people who have somewhat blinked out of existence. I emailed at least 2 months ago with yet no response. I wanted to know how the 3rd edition differed from the first, and whether I would have to pay the full amount ,when I already paid for the first edition which has MANY grammatical mistakes, apart from simple typos.

Shlama Rungold 315:
We're still monitoring the site. Pick a topic of interest and perhaps I or another old timer will comment.

Stephen Silver
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Why wont AENT ever answer emails? - by rungold315 - 12-13-2010, 07:08 PM
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