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justalex Wrote:Jeremy...

As I stated, I don't concern with the opinion of man... I lost that concern when YAH showed me through HIS WORD that man generally WILL NOT accept HIS WORD...

As I also stated, your particular view of me is based on what someone else has said about me... now if I am to follow the example of YAHUshuah Ha MASHIACH, I should just call you a "whited sepulchre full of dead men's bones" and leave it there... that is after all what He told the farushiym and soferiym...

Now why would I change??? To please man??? Not hardly as telling the TRUTH is far more important than being accepted in the eyes of man... Look back through the TNK and the Beriyth Chadashah and see how often the abediym of YHWH changed from the TRUTH to please men and let me know...


Shlama Alex,

my opinion of your post's tone was based off what was *apparently* your post + your admission that your tone is consistently as such through all your posts, so i'm not basing anything off what someone else has said about you -- just what your own words have admitted, and you left nothing about which to ponder with that.
what i do wonder, however, is why you'd call me a pharisee or scribe or a white sepulchre when all i've suggested is for you to bring some love or at least amicability into the tone of your post? what is it about my posts that relegate you to using such labels against someone who basically partially substantiated your original claim? i'd love to see evidence of how i am a pharisee / sofer / white sepulchre based off of the substance of my post to you. otherwise, you are falsely accusing me of all 3, which you should well know is a direct breaking of the Torah.
so perhaps you should lower the barrel and take your finger off the trigger, cause i've not labeled you an enemy at any time, since i merely partially confirmed what you originally proclaimed, and also offered some of our Messiah's words as a suggested course of action for your online fellowship with His Body. but if you can't even accept something as simple as our Messiah's words, then most assuredly enjoy your professed 'found peace,' and i won't bother with you any more.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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