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To Whom did "Jesus" Pray, IF He is God???
Quote:Luqa 23:46

And YAHUshuah had cried with a loud voice, He said, "O My ABBA, into YOUR hands I commit My ruach: and havng said this, He gave up the ruach..

How did YAHUshuah commit His spirit to Himself???

Was YAHUshuah speaking to Himself here...

Yahuchanan 17:1-9

These words spoke YAHUshuah, and lifted up His eyes to the shamayim, and said, ABBA, the hour has come; esteem YOUR Son, that YOUR Son may esteem You: As YOU have given Him power over all flesh that He should give eternal chayim to as many as YOU have given Him. And this is the eternal chayim, that they might know YOU, the only emetELOAH, and YAHUshuah Ha Moshiach, whom YOU have sent. I have esteemed YOU on the earth: I have finished the work YOU gave me to do. And now, oh ABB, esteem Me by YOUR OWN SELF with the esteem that I had with YOU before the olam hazeh was created. I have manifested YOUR NAME to the men whom YOU gave Me out of the olam hazeh: YOURS they were, and YOU gave them to Me; and they have kept YOUR word. Now they have known that all thingswhatever YOU have given Me are from YOU. For I have given to themthe words which YOU gave Me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from YOU, and they have believed that YOU did send Me.

(See 10-26 for the rest of YAHUshuah's prayer to ABBA YHWH.)

Now, without any of the usual herky jerky answers, just answer, to whom was the prayer made IF YAHUshuah/"Jesus" is YHWH???


I seen this topic/comment and thought about all the people who are confused like this concerning Y'shu/Jesus deity, I mean my heart just goes out to them ...I truly wish I could removed the blinders. Nevertheless, I think it is a good exercise, as how to answer such comments, for those who truly understand the nature of the one and only deity YHWH/YHVH.

I'm curious as to how you, the forum reader, would resolve this poster's questions?
Peace in knowing Y'shu(Yeshu)/Jesus

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