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David Bauscher - What happended to the "Codes" section??
What happended to David Bauscher?? I recall some time ago(over a year now) that he had on this list one or two items on the index for disscusion. In particular he was behind the "Aramic Primacy and Code" (something to that nature) section.

I am just wanting to know if that section is still on this forum site??

Having said all this I am aware that there was some dissagreement or conflict between David and a few of the folks that head up this site (mainly Andrew Roth). My purpose is not to check into all this of what happended and "who said this" or "who said that."

I do know that he was active on this forum and made some very pertinant examples in favor of Aramaic Primacy. Has he been kicked off or is he (David) just not active any longer on this site by his own choosing?? What happened to his "Aramaic NT and Hidden Codes" section??

And finally, I would like to know the opinions by those who contribute most to this site of David's knowledge of the Aramaic?? I mean, next to this site David Bauscher's site and contribution to Aramaic Primacy is very high on the list. In your opinion does he have a good handle on the Aramaic??

I know that is a cluster full of questions but you all do not have to answer all of them each one. I am just looking, basically, to get an idea if David Bauscher is gone and what happended to his section.


Mike Karoules

Tks for keeping me active.

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David Bauscher - What happended to the "Codes" section?? - by Mike Kar - 10-27-2010, 06:21 PM

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