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Transliterating Nazareth.
Here's a sample (using SIL Ezra and SIL Galatia):
  • G107 - H5809: rwzv [Azur] becomes Azwr [Azor] rather than Azour [Azur].
  • G108 - H795: dwdH' [Ashdod] becomes Azwtov [Azotas] rather than Asdwd [Asdod].
  • G742 - H775: dHkpr' [Arpakhshad] becomes Arfaxad rather than Arpaxad [Arpaxad].
  • G1116 - H6017: hrmv [`Amorah] becomes Gomorra [Gamarra] rather than Omorra [Amarra] or Amorra [Amarra].
  • G2422 - H3316: xtpy [Yiftach] becomes Iefqae [Iyeftha'e] rather than Ifta [Ifta], Ieftae [Iyefta'e], or Iftae [Ifta'e].
  • G3198 - H4442: qdcyklm [Malki-Tzedeq] becomes Melcisedek [Melkhisedek] rather than Melkisedek [Melkisedek].
  • G3493 - H5152: rwxn [Nachor] becomes Nacwr [Nakhor] rather than Nawr [Na'or].
  • G3508 - H5321: yltpn [Naftali] becomes Nefqalim [Nefthalim] rather than Neftalim [Neftalim], Naftalim [Naftalim], Neftali [Neftali], or Naftali [Naftali].
  • G3957 - H6453: xsp [pesach] becomes pasca [paskha] rather than pasa [pasa], pesa [pesa], pesca [peskha], fasa [fasa], fesa [fesa], fasca [faskha], or fesca [feskha].

More relevant to your initial statement, there is one place I would have wished the translators of LXX to violate the tzadi to sigma:
G301 - H531: ?wm' [Amotz] could be Amwz [Amoz] rather than Amwv [Amos], which collides with swm' [Amos] also becoming Amwv [Amos].

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