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Elymas or Etoimas?
enarxe Wrote:Sami, Jeremy, I would like to resurrect this nice to have "great tool" idea.
Do you know if anyone has compiled a good resource with the Greek variants / Peshitta sources ? I mean a good extensive (exhaustive?) list of MSS or families of those, in electronic form , which can be analyzed properly. What is the status today ? I also have some ideas ... anyone else can see a need and would like to join and spec out what is really required ?

Shlama akhi Jerzy,

i don't know of one that exists showing all the variants between the Aramaic and the Greek. it would be great if one did exist already!!

however, i've been painstakingly at work for several years now translating the Eastern Peshitta at my own leisure, and noting every single place where a meaningful variant exists between the Peshitta and as many Greek texts as i can research, as well as word-plays, mistranslations, Semitic poetry, etcetera. i am going for as exhaustive a goal as possible, but i am not done. in the 22-book Eastern NT canon, i have done every book except the Gospels. i am in the midst of them at the moment, but still have quite a good ways to go just in translating the Gospels, let alone checking all variants i can find in them. when i began the Gospels, i did make an electronic list of as many variants as i could find in the Greek alone - my file is around 500 pages right now. it will thankfully dwindle upon a more intensive study, though, since not every variant in the Greek has an Aramaic explanation; some are spelling variances and simple scribal errors that exist outside the scope of the Peshitta. but even still, 500 pages is a LOT of work just to sift through, when i am done with the translation. none of the other books of the NT had anywhere near that much - Acts had many, but still nowhere in that ballpark.

i would like to hear what ideas you have concerning this subject. i've been favored to have wonderful help in proof-reading my translations from a few on this site as they can do so to catch my own errors, whether in omission or in translation, so that is a very big and much-welcomed aide, but when it comes to searching through the myriad of Greek variants, that is something i've tackled alone for each book. it can get eye-crossingly maddening after awhile, going from Greek to Aramaic, then looking at the possibilities of Greek uncial letter similarities, as well as the differences in Estrangela and DSS scripts. but i totally believe the Word is worth the time and the effort to go over like that, and look forward to hopefully presenting it as a finished gift to the Body of Messiah one day to aide in the edification of His people.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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