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My Review of Dave Bauscher's NT Translation

Quote:Why do people who believe in Christ/Messiah have to fight about words or dogma's?

We don't "have to" fight, we chose to fight and it is the motive of the heart that God will examine and judge.

I too have a copy of David's translation, and now that the third edition is ready, some of the big bugs are probably exterminated from its pages. I think it best not to interpret the ???I AM??? sayings in the Gospel of John with "I AM The Living God". I believe that it should just be left as I AM, in caps, where it is obvious Messiah is using it to express His eternal nature.

I would also have liked to see the Tetragramaton YHWH or YHVH left as such, without the voel signs, making it read Jehovah or Yahwey...and let the reader decide how it should be pronounced being that no one is certain how it should sound.

David has fixed the readings in this 3rd edition for the passages that say "The daughter of Herodia" danced before Herod and where Y'shua said He was "Not yet" going up to the Feast.

The only other thing I believe needs to be changed is the passages where the Apostle Paul is talking about spiritual "languages" being a gift of the Holy Spirit. David's translation uses "languages" rather than "tongues" which is literally correct, but makes some of the passages in 1 Cor 12 & 14 teach nonsense. If the english helper word "spiritual" in brackets or italics in these few places were present, then the passages would be understood as to its clear meaning.


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