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Concerning the ending of Mark's Gospel
Hi !

I've found a pretty interesting hypothesis over the ending of Mark's Gospel.

Christian Amphoux is a French scholar who has been working for years over the Codex Bezea (most complete old Greek manuscript of the Gospel, with a Latin translation). He believes that in the first times of Christianity, the 4 gospels where in the order : Matt., John, Luke, Mark (this order is found in many antic manuscripts has you might know, and do correspond with an "apostolic priority" : first the apostles who knew Christ, then the others). The ending of Mark's Gospel could have been not only "the ending of Mark's Gospel", but a general conclusion of the 4 gospels together. That would explain why some further manuscripts, choosing a different order in the gospels, did not include this ending. Note that this is an hypothesis, of course, but I found it very clever.

Let me know your thoughts about it.

Samuel L.
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