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The homilies of Aphraates - aramaic text
I found this thesis with an English translation of all the Homilies/Demonstrations.:

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NAME(S): *Lehto, Adam, 1967-
TITLE(S): Divine law, asceticism, and gender in
Aphrahat's Demonstrations, with a
complete annotated translation of the
text and comprehensive Syriac glossary
PUBLISHER: Ottawa : National Library of Canada =
Biblioth?que nationale du Canada, [2004]
DESCRIPTION: 6 microfiches.

SERIES: Canadian theses = Th?ses canadiennes.
NOTES: Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Toronto,
Includes bibliographical references.

STUDENT ABSTRACT: Asceticism, anti-Jewish polemic, and an
extensive use of Old Testament are three
prominent feature of the
'Demonstrations' of Aphrahat that can be
brought together by an examination of
the author's concept of divine Law.
While many scholars have studied these
areas in isolation, the centrality of
Law-observance for Aphrahat has been
largely overlooked. This emphasis on the
Law affirms the basic continuity between
the moral commandments of the Old
Testament and the New, while adding a
new dimension in the ascetic commands of
Christ. In contrast to his clear
rejection of O.T. ritual law, Aphrahat's
high view of the Decalogue and other
O.T. moral laws form an important part
of his Christian spirituality. Christ's
call to a higher ascetic way of life
does not conflict with a fundamental
commitment to the moral code already
known to the Jewish patriarchs. Though
his role clearly goes beyond this,
Christ for Aphrahat functions as a new
and final teacher of the Law who points
to love as the fulfillment of the
Law.This emphasis on love, however, is a
way of appreciating the fullness of the
Law rather than a way of minimizing its
importance. In its ethical aspect,
Aphrahat's concept of divine Law
highlights continuity rather than
discontinuity between Judaism and
Christianity. This study also provides a
gender perspective on Law which reveals
that the author, despite some harsh
descriptions of women, is perhaps more
egalitarian than it first seems. This
can be affirmed while recognizing the
male bias of the text. To facilitate the
present study, and as a contribution to
the field in its own right, a full and
original translation of the text is
provided, along with a comprehensive
Syriac glossary which includes virtually
all of the terms in the text of the

NUMBERS: Canadiana: 20042051029
ISBN: 0612784568
COPIES: NL Stacks - Mic.F. TJ- 78456
NL Stacks - Mic.F. TJ- 78456 - Copy 2

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