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To and about my friend Albion
Albion Wrote:My Dear Brother Andrew,

Wow! I am moved beyond almost knowing how to reply.

First, it was a Jewish person, Vickie Simon, who REALLY explained to me about Messiah Yeshua.

Then it was Liz Zimmerman who taught me tenderness, when I dated her.

It IS YOU who have taught me how to really Love Biblical scholarship!

It is YOU who showed me the Eastern, Jewish, Yeshua.

It is YOU who made me really want to learn Hebrew, and Aramaic!

And finally, it is YOU who has helped me not to take the evil one so seriously!

Your NOT being afraid to say "this is what has happened to me" here on this Forum, has helped ME not to take ha satan so seriously, either.

I REALLY admire YOU for that!

I want you to know, that I've always believed in YOU, I KNEW that you could pull off Mari/PEACE!.

I want you to know how very much THAT I LOVE YOU, and that your friendship IS A TREASURE TO ME!

Now, I'm having to type this through good tears, and I know that my Brother Andrew Loves me, as much as I Love HIM!

You have been, and will continue to be, A SOURCE OF TRUE INSPIRATION FOR ME!

I don't know if I'll ever get to meet you, short of The World To Come........but if they asked me who in the whole world that I'd Love to meet, I'd tell them ANDREW GABRIEL ROTH, my Brother in Messiah!.

I'm a mess now, but it feels so GOOD when Brothers can Love one another, like WE DO!

Your Brother In Maran Yeshua, Albion

Shlama Akhon Andrew and Albion:
This is a wonderful testimony of those that love the TRUTH. I'm very much moved by the love displayed here between brethren. Barukh HaSem!!


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