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What is wrong with the Bauscher codes?
Shlama Akhay Aaron and Rev. Dn. Michael,

Shamasha Michael, please also consider the fact that the Ashuri script is, like Estrangelo, an Aramaic script. In fact it is called "Ashuri" because that means "Assyrian" in our language and in Hebrew. It is very different from the original Hebrew script which is still used to this day by the Samaritans.

The work Andrew has done is wonderful, a treasure to all of us. The script will probably look different in another 2,000 years if Aramaic somehow lives that long. It's the same alphabet anyway.

Andrew, and any other honest translator will tell you that it is impossible for a translation to not contain errors, and for it to not be tainted with the prejudices of the author(s). My work first. He would tell you the same thing. That's one of the problems with translations. Some of the errors we are aware of, others we aren't until someone points it out. And the endless cycle of revisions begin after that.... <!-- sHuh --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/huh.gif" alt="Huh" title="Huh" /><!-- sHuh -->


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