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Concerning the Unfortunate Gentiles
After reading Andrew's testimony on his coming of faith to Yeshua, I couldnt help but have resurfacing nagging thoughts in the back of my mind concerning people and their faith...

What of people who have never had the opportunity of learning of Yeshua and his Torah, much less even learn of the Bible in general? Consider the ancients pagans such as the Egyptians, but consider them as individuals. If an Egyptian child is born into an Egyptian community with Egyptian gods, is it not inevitable that his psychological mindset and essence of being will be formed to that of the Egyptian ways? A Jewish child had a much better chance of being saved simply because of his environment, not because he was physiologically, psychologically, or spiritually superior to his Egyptian neighbor. I see this as so unfair!

Think about it guys, we are living in the year 2008 where knowledge, information, and resources are abundant. What about South American tribespeople who lived lightyears away from Israel before Spanish colonization who had no way possible of knowing the truth? Perhaps they had good hearts and a love for their Creator, but simply gave reverence to Queztalcoatl the Plumed Serpent rather than YHWH. Or even in our modern day, what about Chinese children born into Buddhist China, taught by their parents the ways of Buddha? Shall they burn because they know no better? Heck, what of southern Baptist Christians with clean shaven faces and pork dinners who still love Jesus with all their heart?

The only reason I found the truth is by lucking out through extensive reading from the internet (modern technology that many foreigners do not have nor can afford) and an already Christian background. I don't know, it just makes me think. What are your views? Automatical hell? Will they be spared? What say ye? This bothers me SO MUCH on a daily basis and I would feel better if I "dumped" this issue on others to see what they think. Thanks guys.

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Concerning the Unfortunate Gentiles - by rungold315 - 09-12-2008, 06:46 AM

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