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Anyone know aramaic, or write it fluently?
Quote:Aramaic has been traditionally written in several different fonts. Do you want to emulate what most likely was written during the time of Christ? Or how about the earliest script we know of? Or the latest modern script? Or one of the various "Hebrew" script? You have lots of choices.

Hmm... well lets start with the font. Yea, the font most likely used by Christ would be amazing.

Quote:Secondly, when you say "trust" - are you speaking to a 2nd person singular or plural? Or a 3rd person singular or plural? Or is this an imperative, being spoken to you by someone else in the singular .... or the plural?

When I say trust, it's mainly a reminder to me, as in, Rember Rob, Trust in him, trust in your faith, it's more of a command to myself.

Quote:Third - what word do you want to use for "Lord" - there is a version that is reserved in Aramaic for God alone and actually incorporates His Name. Then there is a more generic "Lord."

For God, that's an interesting question. What would christ have use to refer to the Lord? Refer to God, the Father, I'm not atually sure, I'm not sure what word Christ would have used, or whether this is different in Aramaic. I would ideally like to use, whatever Christ would have used when saying Lord, meaning father. I would think it would be an intimate reference to our Father, our Lord, Creator, Lover of our souls... What are your ideas?

Thanks for all your help, you all are amazing.


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