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Major difference between MARI/PEACE and Bauscher's NT
Shlama Rafa,

Quote:I with all frankness view Dave and Andrew's New Testaments as complementary: one will advance the cause of Aramaic primacy within the framework of traditional Christianity (which is a *seismic* event- a complete shift from the Hellenic worldview which bases itself to a very large degree on a Greek NT to a thoroughly different one), while the other will attempt to analyze and correct the errors of the Christian Church (a view of the New Testament theology from a *completely* different angle) and point to the higher reliability of the Eastern textual base. It will also serve as a "Guide for the perplexed" for all those Nazarenes out there who are being misled by the people I just mentioned. These translations aren't working against each other, they are just different. Each translator puts his paradigm, his vision in his NT. Akhi Paul for instance likes to write from the perspective of a clergyman of the COE. I also think Dave shouldn't have attacked Andrew like that but I know he is just being passionate and that he MISUNDERSTOOD where Andrew was going. He needs to open up a bit to other perspectives.

Very well said akhi, I believe. And yes, my anticipations for M.A.R.I. derive their conclusiveness from the same sources as yours - Andrew's previous scholarship in both his books and his contributions here at the forum. And Albion is right, he is the only one who has actually read a sampling so far, so his perspective is straight from the horse's mouth. But not having read a sample for myself, I still think your perspectives here highlighted some truths in an important way.



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