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Major difference between MARI/PEACE and Bauscher's NT
Shlama Akhi Runggold,

I have not read Bauscher's NT, nor has he read mine, so this is kind of difficult to answer. But I can draw reasonable inferences from what David has said about his work and what I have read on his website.

Mari is far more than a translation. It is a Nazarene halachic and historical encylopedia combined with tons of footnotes and an interlinear. There are 700+ pages of translation-interlinear and about 350 pages of supplemental footnotes. My emphasis is on the original eastern Aramaic readings and the most reliable Aramaic surviving readings of the Western 5. David is coming from his spiritual view and I am coming from mine, so I think it is easy to see where he would go and where I go.

As Christina said, sacred names are restored in Mari as Master YHWH, Elohim and Y'shua, and there are a great many supplemental articles on First Century Judaism, canon, Josephus as possibly a Nazarene believer and some very detailed prophecy-heavenly calendar work. This is just off the top of my head. There are 70+ topics in the appendices alone and additional significant materials in the intro as well.

But again, I don't know what Bauscher does in his version to say to you "Well I did this and he did that". I do know that Bauscher and I have a slight disagreement as to what the "perfect Peshitta" looks like and the Aramaic text reflects that difference, however minor it is. I think the real strength of Mari though is that I go to great lengths to annotate differences between Eastern and Western Aramaic traditions and between those and the Greek. I do this because, regardless as to what my opinion is, I want my readership to think about the variants and make up their own mind.

That's the best I can say.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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