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Major difference between MARI/PEACE and Bauscher's NT

I also have Dave's Aramaic-English NT, and for the most part I do like it a lot but I'm going to get a copy of Mari/PEACE as soon as its released. I think the best person to ask is Albion, as Albion has read Dave's gospels and was lucky enough to read Matthew of Mari/PEACE, he'll be able to tell you the major differences in the translation itself.

From what AGR has told us about Mari, it's going to be very different from Dave's NT. Mari is translated from the eastern text (except for the W5), and uses proper eastern Judeo Aramaic pronunication throughout. And while Dave's version says "Lord Jehovah" Mari has the proper Sacred Name (Yahweh, or is it MarYah? Confirmation akh Andrew?). Mari will also contain a very extensive commentary, many footnotes & study sections, it's going to be a much thicker book than Dave's NT. Looks like Mari can be described as a Nazarene "Mikraot Gedolot" - text, translation, commentary and much more.

I'll let AGR & Albion take it from here, but I'm sure you'll want to get yourself a copy, once its out and the rest of us a raving about it, LOL.

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