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Message To Andrew Gabriel Roth

I too, take the whole supernatural realm *very seriously*.

That's why I asked Andrew just how he fractured his tibia plateau, I personally think that it's quite strange, that that particular part of his body was injured.......especially in light of Andrew's vocal stand here at against one certain person, several months ago, whom I will not name.

This is a person who continually thrives on chaos.

Now, since I have actually read Matthew's Gospel, and my ex-wife was a reading teacher, and I've been exposed to literally years of remedial reading instruction material(s), I'd say (and this is A COMPLIMENT!) that Matthew's Gospel is understandable at probably a 6th or 7th Grade (in the USA) Reading Level.

That's GOOD. Very GOOD!

It means that MANY PEOPLE will be able to read Mari, and to UNDERSTAND IT.

The "heavy" kind of sadness just comes with a demonic attack, it's a part of the whole deal, and usually "the weakest link" will break in such an event/attack.

In this case, that was Dave Bauscher, I feel, and yes, it IS VERY SAD.

But Andrew and his associates must have hit the hornet's nest (satan's workers) pretty hard, with Mari/P.E.A.C.E., for all of this to happen.

I personally find this to be quite interesting, and if the truth be told, rather thrilling!

And now, I would suggest that we drop this subject, as the demonic "feeds" on being talked about. It loves the front page, and the evening news.

Let's not feed it further.

Yeshua's Peace Be With You, Albion

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