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Western Five
Shlama 'Lakh Akhan Stephen,

Stephen Silver Wrote:Are these names Caspar and Hanravitarum actually mentioned in the Apocalypsis Sancti Iohannis? What page are they on? I can see on the first plate the name Iosephi Scaligari.

Yes, if you look at folio 164, you'll notice the following at the end of the text of Revelation:

[Image: caspar.jpg]


"Pray for the scribe, Caspar, from the land of the Hindus."

Notice that Scaligari misread the "daleth" as a "resh" (pointed to in red), whereas the text really says the land of the "Hindus" ("hinduaye"), not "hinruaye" - there's no such place as the "Hanravitarum" mentioned in the Latin translation. =)

We know Caspar was from the land of the "India" because of other books at the Vatican that were written by him.

Stephen Silver Wrote:I've downloaded the Google Book Hanravitarum and have read the section on the Syriac Versions. This answers a lot of questions that come up concerning the different manuscripts of the Western Five including the Harklean and the extant text which produced the Crawford Western Five.

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Absolutely it answers a lot of questions. You see, when the Portuguese conquered India, they forced the native Christians along the Malabar Coast, who were up to that point loyal to the Patriarch at Babylon, into Roman Catholicism. This "Caspar" was one of them. Of course, the text of the Peshitta had to be .... well.... "corrected" with the "missing", depending on how you look at it, books of scripture.

If you notice in Assemani's writings, he always referred to Caspar as a "Nestorian" - so he was obviously one of the early recruits eager to please the Vatican with a more "completed" Peshitta text.

+Shamasha Paul

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