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Janet Magiera's PeshittO--Barnes and Noble Books
Her interlinear renderings will be more literal of course and it's good that she has that resource to check her stand-alone translations for is the case with David Bauscher?s translations.

David sticks with the UBS critical Western Peshitto text exclusively...and when I spoke to Janet on the phone a few months back, she said that she only had used the same text...though she seems to have opted for a number of Eastern readings over it's text, as is seen in The Way International's translation, where the Manuscript texts they use have half Western and half Eastern readings for the variants.

For non-bias and or agenda in her renderings...Janet seems to be solid on the doctrinal front, though not sold on Peshitta primacy so much, and seems to think less of the Eastern Peshitta, than Andrew Roth does.


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