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Janet Magiera's PeshittO--Barnes and Noble Books
Relevant to the following is, I am not literate in any Biblical language. For that reason, I am dependent upon Interlinears, Lexicons, and Concordances.

I have all of the Magiera "versions" including her 3-volume Interlinear, Lexicon, and Concordance. I also have Lamsa (gotten about 1974), as much as is available of Younan online, and several Bausher "versions" including his Interlinear. I just found (today) the Roth (from which I found this forum!) and will be ordering it. Which brings me to my purpose for posting ...

First, I don't put full stock in any one source, rather using and comparing all sources. Second, I wish Magiera had made her Interlinear more in the style of the Jay Green Interlinear. I find her 3-volume Interlinear to be excessively wasteful of space (and paper ...!), too costly for what one gets, and on the verge of frustrating to access. However, it is better than no Interlinear. Finally, I find the Bausher Interlinear is useless without Lexicon cross-reference numbers as I am "stuck" with trusting his interpretation of the Aramaic.

Maybe Roth and company will proceed to provide a usable Interlinear? One can hope.

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