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"Time for Me to Go"
Shlama Akhi Albion,

With respect Akhi, I must disagree with you a bit here. All Paul Younan said was not to attack someone from elsewhere on the internet personally here. We know who this person is, but there is simply nothing that we can do about it here at I do not believe it was in any way a suggestion for you to part from us. Nor do I think you should give this person the "credit" of making you feel forced out.

Is it possible he will not do anything to us because you are gone? Sure. It is equally possible though that you can't un-ring a bell and he still might try something with you gone? I believe it is. Either way, this is not your fault.

Now as for Mari/PEACE, you can still see our updates here at, whether a member or not, but I would prefer you to be a member. I will make sure my publisher contacts you however either way, if you like. I can only pray that I don't disappoint you given your enthusiasm.

And finally, me famous??? I have felt "celebrity" enough being among friends like you. What YHWH wills of course will be. The funny part about that is I chased fame before. As a young man, I was (and remain) a professional musician. I was in bands, did recordings and toured. I still write songs and instrumental compositions on my acoustic guitar now.

From back then, nothing came of it of course, but I was in it then for the same reason I do Mari now--a labor of love. And labors of love are their own reward, so I think it is safe to say that I won't let anything like that--should it happen in accordance with YHWH's will--go to my head, as you put it. In more recent years it seems that what I do not chase is what YHWH provides. Go figure.

At any rate, please don't go. Take some time if you need it, but check in. Write me privately with an email that I can respond to and I will personally make sure you get a copy of Mari/PEACE.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Roth

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