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For Ryan ('Amatsyah')
Shlama Ryan,

Yes, the folks at The Way bookstore have been exceedingly kind, and friendly to me as well.

It's been a pleasure buying things from them. A rare thing thing....that. But it's true, Messiah's kindness seems to flow through them.

About Paul (Sh'aul), I've read so much, and so many books, that one flows into another and frankly, they are hard to keep straight.

But I believe that it was from George Lamsa that I first learned that Sh'aul was A SADDLE MAKER, NOT a 'tent maker'.

I BELIEVE, but I'm not certain, that it was some material from The Way International that claimed that Paul (Sh'aul) was a kind of "saddle blanket maker".

That is, that in those days, in the Middle East, that saddles were made out of some very heavy kind of (blanket-like) cloth. I'm no Biblical anthropologist, but that's what I read somewhere.

Heck, maybe it was even in one of Andrew's (Gabriel Roth's) books. I just don't remember now.

People who are Saved out of the occult are ALWAYS so GRATEFUL to be FREE, that their Thanksgiving usually runs over, like a cup of Love, filled to the brim, and dripping down.

The Celts did not worship Woden, but the Saxons who came later, the Celts had MANY "gods" but Woden, or Odin, came later, with the Saxons.

I actually believe that SOME of the Druids had an understanding about "the dying god" that later actually moved them to Understanding and Acceptance of Yeshua as Savior.

One of their 'gods' was actually called "Yesu". Hard to believe, but TRUE.
El Shaddai has a very strange Way of doing things, that I do not yet fully understand, nor comprehend.

The 'Christian' music group '4 Him', said it best with a song: "What A Strange Way To Save The World". lol

Your cherishing of His creation is a Lovely thing.

That's what sets us apart from the pagans. They WORSHIP the creation, we worship The Creator.

A large canyon, that, but one forever set.

Nature clearly shows His Glory, and speaks so loudly to a soul who s l o w s down enough to Understand, and to actually hear the Melody playing.

These people are getting rarer and rarer in todays concrete and asphalt covered world.

It would sadden Thoreau greatly, I'm afraid.

This is just one more reason why magic(k) and neo-paganism are making such a comeback.

The pagans think that "the old gods" will some how make some sort of sense out of this crazy world, all the while missing He who is The Source of True Life. Very sad.

Your post left me remembering my Meeting with Olden Friends (Quakers) two years ago this coming June, in Barnesville, Ohio.

They, like their 17th Century founder, George Fox, believe that we who are Truly Saved, can now LIVE WITHOUT SIN.

I tell you, the longer that I live, the more imperfections that I find within myself.

If we can truly live WITHOUT SIN, I've never done it, nor do I know HOW TO.

I really, really enjoyed your post Ryan, and I think that you are a GIFTED writer.

Your Brother in Messiah, Albion

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