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BibleWorks database of the Khabouris manuscript
There is an Estrangela font in BibleWorks, which is what Janet Magiera's PES database uses. The problem is that some final letters aren't displayed properly because some letters in Estrangela have different forms for the final letters, and due to the way that BibleWorks handles these, I can't work round the problem. Rather than having some final letters wrong, I am using the Hebrew Ashuri font.

My database will just be a text database, so it won't be tied to Strong's Numbers as such. However, comparing the differences with the 1905 version is very instructive. Every word that is different is highlighted. The differences are similar to the minor differences in spelling, etc, which are found in manuscripts of the Hebrew Tanakh.

Transcribing the Crawford manuscript is a great idea. Maybe someone will do that in the future :-)

- Ewan MacLeod

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