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Peshitta NT quotes from Peshitta Tanakh
Ewan MacLeod Wrote:If you compare the quote from the Torah in Mark 10:7-8 (A man shall leave his father and mother and they shall become one flesh) in the Peshitta NT with the Peshitta Tanakh and Targumim Onkelos (and LXX an MT if you want), the quote from the Peshitta NT is IDENTICAL, letter for letter, with the Peshitta Tanakh. Yeshua must therefore be quoting from the Peshitta Tanakh (both are in Syriac), and not even quoting from Targum Onkelos, or Targum Pseudo-Yonatan, as might be expected. This is very interesting. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
Is anyone aware of any studies showing how OT quotes in the NT compare with the Peshitta Tanakh?
- Ewan MacLeod


Great find Ewan!

A while back there were some excellent posts made by Hakham Paul concerning Peshitta Tanakh and LXX comparing the two, showing that Peshitta did not necessarily use LXX as its source but I'm not sure if those materials are still available since the new forum was installed.

I have a Spanish book comparing perhaps only about 100 Peshitta Tanakh and Targumim passages. If I ever get the time I'll be more than happy to translate this to English for those who don't speak Spanish.

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