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This Forum
Dear Friends,

I'd like to speak about how this Forum has changed my spiritual life.

When I first found I almost couldn't believe it!

I was already convinced by Dr. Charles Cutler Torrey's research, and George Lamsa's research, and that of The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, that there was, and IS, a lot of problems with what I call the Greek to English New Testament.

That is, there are MANY translation mistakes with the present English New Testaments that we now have.

Some of these mistakes were quite apparent, and others not so much.

But here was a website that was openly willing to challenge the KINGDOM of Greek Primacy of the New Testament, and even better, because unlike James Trimm's e-lists, anyone who shared a differing opinion than the List Owner, was NOT booted off the list, nor were his or her posts CENSORED.

I abhor censorship.

And by the way, I KNOW of what I speak here.

I was thrown off of one Trimm's e-lists.

This list opened my mind, and in turn, opened up my spirit, and widened what I concieved my ideas of "Christianity" to be.

And then a time of great personal spiritual warfare started for me, and then for literally YEARS, I could NOT post here.

And NO ONE that was new could join this list.

My membership had been taken out, and I could no longer post at my favorite e-list.

That HURT. Cause I came to love this place.

And all of this was indirectly, because of ME.

I know that is just an address on the WWW, but it came to mean more than that to me, A LOT MORE. I identified with the ideas here, with the very free way that we discuss things here of pretty deep spiritual significance.....and the language in which Messiah spoke, IS significant, as well as all of the issues around that central issue.

And then came the great black hole of hacking.........but even THIS had a Lighter side, because it brought back the Peshitta Forum to ALL.........ME included.

Being here has CHANGED me for the better, I think probably forever.

I just want to say to Paul Younan, Freedom IS NOT FREE.

Surely, being an Assyrian, you already know this.

I'm just a peon here, and I can't change much, but the Enemy does not usually come with an all out frontal assualt, but he chips away at FREEDOM, slowly but surely.

Electronic enemy, or just the devil, in this case, the two, MAY BE ONE.

I urge you, to protect this website from all of it's enemies.

You've got the darkness paying attention here at, and you just take it from me, the darkness usually returns to try to finish a battle, especially one that it lost in the second round (so to speak).

I wish since I name no one here that you would leave this post up.

But if you decide to censor it and take it down, please, please, listen to what I have asked you here Paul.


Peace be upon you, Albion

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