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Hi, just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I'm new here. I recently became a Peshitta fan after looking into the most acurate translations to learn the Word of God from. I came across Christopher Lancasters website and learned about Aramaic Primacy and was very amazed at what the Aramaic revealed. My name is Paul and I am a hobbiest programmer. It I get permission from the author's here I would like to make a module for the Esword Bible program for download. I don't believe there currently is one. If you don't know that program its very good and found at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->. Additionally, I'm a programmer also and might make my own search tool complete with handling of Aramaic type fonts. I have yet a lot to learn about Aramaic. I'm very knowledgable about many Bible subjects which is why I believe I'm attracted to Peshitta.


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