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Could Some Tell Me Exactly What 'Ascension' Means In Aramaic
distazo Wrote:Akhi Stephen,

Thank you. You are a great resource, as usual.

I considered that verse 28 as well. However, normally when one would go to Jerusalem, they wrote 'to go up to Jerusalem' so I was not sure about it.

Probably, and verse 28 indicates so, this time Jeshua went 'down' to Jerusalem because of a preaching journey in the 'mountains.'

In Luke 9:51 the phrase d'nazal laYerushalem is used and it simply means to go to Jerusalem, not go down or go up.

[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Ml4rw0l Lz0nd hpwcrp Nqt0 hqlwsd Fmwy Nylmtm dkd 0whw[/font] - Luke 9:51
Luke 9:51 - And when the days for his ascension were completed, so it was, that he set his face to go to Jerusalem.

Murdock translates "to go up to Jerusalem" but that's not a precise translation. John Wesley Etheridge translates "d'nazal laYerushalem" precisely as "to go to Jerusalem". Jerusalem is in the mountains of Moriah (the Judean hills). One naturally has to ascend to Jerusalem. This is why one always goes up to Jerusalem, from any direction. The phrase "go up to Jerusalem" has a spiritual and physical connotation.

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