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Khabouris Discoveries
You know statements like that, where you believe that I'm unable to grasp anything about His word unless I read a particular language is quite small minded Steve, and has kept many manuscripts within the hands of mankind instead of His church.

I felt challenged by that statement but I'm starting to realize something here, people do not really believe certain portions of the word, or at least it has not be revealed to them yet to even have the faith for it. They can't grasp it or the concepts themselves so they are quick to justify themselves against someone who does, especially against someone who only reads english.

They break it down into it's most literal form, and that happens on here at times, yet they never have the quickening aspect that The Holy Spirit provides from within, so they only understand it in it's most literal form. They have never seen the actual spiritual imprint behind those very words they read all the time. That sort of spiritual discernment is not a true experience for them, it is a thing of the mind only.

They have never felt The Spirit break through from within them and allow them to see the living word, instead of the written word, in all it's glory. They have never experience this, sad to say.

I have 2 courses ordered and on the way, one for hebrew and one for syriac. The hebrew is for the OT of course, the syriac is so I can read what Juckel and aland recently put together. I want to get as close to the 1st and 2nd century greek texts as possible.

The peshitta is nice scholarship, a fine standardized translation. I like some of it's insight.

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