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Presenting and reciting the Pshitta. A request....
Thank you so much for the answer brother John.

I understand your explanation regarding the use of Alep for 'A', Waw for 'O' or 'U' and Yod for 'Y'.

However, please consider this. Take the following words:

URHAY [U here is the Alep]
EMRA [E here is the Alep]
ORESHLEM [O here is the Alep]

YAMMA [Y here is Yod]
IMMA [I here is Yod]

How does one know how the above is pronounced without the vowel, or does it not matter? Is it OK to say ARESHLEM and ARHAY instead? Is it OK to say IOKHANAN instead of YOKHANAN? Is the vowel insignificant and can the verses be read without vowels correctly?

Thank you
John S

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