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Presenting and reciting the Pshitta. A request....
Shlama to all

I am new to this forum and I must say the website is very well presented and informative.

I have a favour to ask which I hope someone can assist with.

I have the opportunity to present the Pshitta to a group of Christians who are used to the standard Western translations and understanding of the NT. I wish to show them the excellence of the Pshitta version and its quality and accuracy.

I see that Brother Paul Younan has done a marvellous job of making an interlinear version available. This is indeed a big help to undertake such a task, and indeed to as Mashiykha said - preaching the good message to the world.

However, I also wish to recite the verses of the Pshitta off according to the Eastern Aramaic pronouciation of the words. I notice that no vowels are present in the text. I want to present to this study group not only the meaning but the vocal elegance of Aramaic and the Pshitta.

For example, the 1st verse of the Lord's prayer reads as:

abwn d b shmya

But in order to pronounce this better, vowels are needed:

abuwn da ba shmayya

So the favour I ask is that I have a file with the Pshitta transliterated only without the vowels - is anyone at all willing and able to fill in the gaps with the vowels? I ask of this for the 4 gospels and acts, for recitation purposes, with the aim of doing Masheekha's work.

Many thanks.

Alaha Minokhoon

John Shukana

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