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Palestinian Aramaic and Syriac
The Talmudists say (Talmud Bavli Eruvin, fol. 53. 1, 2), that "the men of Judah, who were careful of their language, their law (oral law) was confirmed in their hands; the men of Galilee, who were not careful of their language, their law (oral law) was not confirmed in their hands--the men of Galilee, who do not attend to language, what is reported of them? a Galilean went and said to them, A certain Galilean once went about enquiring, ?who has amar??, they said to him foolish Galilean, do you mean "Chamor" to ride upon, or "Chamar" to drink, or "Hamar" for clothing, or "Immar" for hiding for slaughter?

By which instances it appears, that a Galilean pronounced "Chamor", an ass, and "Chamar", wine, and "Hamar", wool, and "Immar", a lamb, all one, and the same way, without any distinction; so that it was difficult to know which of these he meant. Shimon Kefa using this dialect, was known to be a Galilean: just as the Ephraimites were known by their pronouncing Shibboleth, Sibboleth.

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