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mistake in Murdock? (Mk 11:14)
gbausc Wrote:Shlama Yuri,

You are still side stepping the question .
Translations are not inspired, as they all contain errors due to human falliblity and language barriers.
You know I am asking you to tell me which one you believe was the original New Testament.
If you cannot answer, I see no point in discussing NT texts and translation.


Dear Dave,

I already stated my general position on this subject.

I'm interested in a scientific discussion in this forum. If you're not interested in scientific textual discussion, I see no point in discussing NT texts and translations with you.

My main interest is the historical evolution of the text of the gospels. I believe that the earliest versions of these texts are preserved only imperfectly in the existing manuscripts. My goal is to determine how these texts evolved over time.

I don't expect you to agree with me. You made your views quite clear over time; they are obviously a lot more conservative than mine.

So if you're interested in discussing Aramaic texts and language, I'll be glad to discuss these things with you. But if you only want to talk about personal faith, that's a separate matter.

I have raised one specific issue about the translation of Mk 11:14, but so far nobody has offered any comments about this matter. I'm a bit disappointed, because I thought this forum is for Aramaic discussion, rather than for discussing the matters of faith.

I have now identified a few old manuscripts where this verse read a bit differently, in so far as the words of Jesus seem less harsh and judgmental.

So, did Murdock really make a mistake here, or not? That's the question.


Yuri Kuchinsky | Toronto | <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

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