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A solution to Genealogy.....with help from Greek :)
I've been playing with Paul's solution to MarYah's genealogy for the last 2 weeks at work, thinking of possible ways it can work. I think I figured out one with the help of the LXX.

In the LXX, the Rabbis who translated "akh" used the proper greek word(s) adelphoi/adelpho in this and a number of different ways including situations where Cousin or close-relative (Suggenes) would be a better choice. Exegetically we can only come to the conclusion that they did not know either the word or the proper usage of close kinsman, relative, or cousin. But because the LXX is a major Greek source, the semantic range for brother; adelphoi, is allowed to carry more meaning that its regularative and lexical meaning but only when the context allows it.

Therefore, Paul's article on genealogy carries more weight than it did before. There are hardly any linguistic rules that carry precise definitions in all situations. We only know of LXX's mistakes like this because of cross-examining the text. It simply makes no sense in areas where the Hebrew does make sense. The same concept works for Matthews' otherwise short by-his-own-standards genealogy. The only thing that keeps it from being believed is that we have no manuscipt to prove it like we do with the tanakh.

This is also more proof that the NT writers did not use the LXX, since the words Adelphoi and Suggenes are used side by side in Luke 14:12. And because adelphoi never gives any implication of meaning close kinsman in the NT; proving that the translators knew the difference between Brother and Cousin or close-kinsman, unlike the LXX Rabbis.

The Roman Catholic dogmatic declaration of Mary's perpetual virginity falls flat on the ground without the LXX and the NT's supposed dependence on it. It demands nothing short of contextually changing Yeshuas' brothers to Cousin or close-kinsman whenever Adelphoi it is mentioned in the NT. The LXX and the NT's "dependence" on it has long been their crutch for keeping the dogma without actually changing the bible, or having a dogma contrary to it. Thus giving political reasons for the Western Scholarships' Greek primacy. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
Perhaps I should elaborate:

The context plays a vital role in actually knowing the semantic range of Adephoi, even though it is technically incorrect for it to be used outside of brother/sister. Therefore, it is not incorrect to say that it *can* mean more than just brother.

The context of Matthew's own genealogy not numbering up to it's own standards would be the deciding factor in making Paul's theory correct. The semantic range is decided by the standard of the author. It doesn't matter if a better word could have been used.
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