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Aramaic Learning Tips?
Just updating the English and some names spelled better, and putting the verse numbers in there would be helpful.
ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:Here are some e-mails we exchanged:

Me- Hello, Brother. I am user of your translation and Interlinear. I find your work to be very useful. I'm working on my revising the Etheridge Translation of the New Testament. I was wanting to see if I could have permission to use your translation, Interlinear and your footnotes in my own footnotes. God bless you and your work on the Peshitta Tanakh! I'll credit you by name every time I use your footnotes or reference your translation work. You're not the only translator I'm emailing about this :-P

Bauscher- How can you revise Etheridge? Only Etheridge can revise Etheridge. I don't want my translation used to revise a dead man's translation, nor do I think Etheridge would appreciate it. I could see modernizing the English, but you don't need any other translation to do that, and you certainly don't need my notes for that. How can you expect to use Etheridge's name to benefit yourself in good conscience?
I never portrayed myself as an expert in Aramaic. I also try to avoid calling my project "my translation", as it is John Wesley Etheridge' s translation (only a new version of it).

I think Bauscher has a point. Only Etheridge can revise Etheridge. The Etheridge translation is a very fine translation.

Some one else (you know him) also has done the trick with Murdocks text, which has been used as a base for a 'new translation'. It received a lot of critics for which the author in a youtube replied that he compared every Aramaic word to the translation.

If so, why not just create a translation from scratch. But this already is done using the Aramaic source, by very capable people like pointed out in this forum as well, by George Kiraz for instance.
(here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... bible.aspx</a><!-- m -->)

I Take myself as example; I have 'translated' the Peshitta using But I hardly dare to call myself a 'translator', since I cannot translate without So I at most can call it a translation from existing English peshitta translations.
And your case might hinder you too, but even more if you just 'revise' the Etheridge and would publish it.
But every country needs a NT Peshitta translation for obvious reasons. So this was my only motivation to do it. But not being a Syriac reader hinders me to promote the whole project, and it also was a reason for not being able to weigh and evaluate the existing English translation against the source, as some Peshitta translations, including the one of Bauscher and Lamsa, contains 'fantastic' claims about how to interprete certain words not using the default Syriac dictionary.

But since there are capable people in your language, English, why not leave that work to them? Of course, you always can edit the text for yourself.
I wouldn't refer to it as the Downs translation because it wouldn't completely be my work, but just the stuff I have done so far can be difficult. I disagree with the assessment that only Etheridge could revise Etheridge, but if I finish this I plan on referring to it as the Eastern Peshitta New Testament: A Revision of John Wesley Etheridge' s Translation of the Aramaic New Testament. But this project is definitely not going any further for a while. I might end up dumping the Etheridge revision idea all together through. I feel very foolish for attempting this right now lol.
Yea, if you don't have peace and grace from God to go ahead...then stop. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

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