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Where can I learn aramaic? Books?
Hello everybody,

I would have never tought there is such an interesting website on the peshitta!

Having come across it and aramaic for a number of reasons,
I wanted to ask you if you have any advice on any good book (in English, Italian, German or Spanish!) which would help me to get started with the language. I know about the websites, but I'm much more effective with books!

I don't have a goal oriented purpose for it, but I like languages and I would like to "hear" the sound of Jesus' words.

Thank you for any help.


Hi Andrea. Welcome to the forum. Are you familiar with any other Semitic tongue such as Hebrew or Arabic?

I would recommend Wheeler M. Thackston's grammar, available from amazon.
Hi Paul, is this good for learning the Peshitta Aramaic?

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