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The Messiah IS YHWH ---> Proven

After reading Acts 2:36: in the AENT, which reads ---> "Truly, therefore, let all the house of Israel know, assuredly, that Elohim has made this Y'shua the Mashiyach whom you executed on a stake both Master YHWH and Mashiyach."

I was challenged to prove this to be an incorrect translation of the Aramaic word being under the "Master YHWH" translation.

And I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, based only upon the context of all the other instances of this same word, as it applies to the subject it refers to in Scripture ---> that The Messiah IS indeed Master YHWH. <!-- s:biggrin: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif" alt=":biggrin:" title="Big Grin" /><!-- s:biggrin: -->

Here are ALL the instances of this word in the Aramaic Peshitta, where in the verse appears "Marya". And you can see as you check through each and every verse that the conclusion must be...that Y'shua IS YHWH.

I have updated the list to show those places were the two forms of Marya appear.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... a&size=150</a><!-- m -->%

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... a&size=150</a><!-- m -->%

Matthew 1:20
Matthew 1:22
Matthew 1:24
Matthew 2:13
Matthew 2:15
Matthew 2:19
Matthew 3:3
Matthew 12:4
Matthew 21:9
Matthew 21:42
Matthew 22:43
Matthew 22:44
Matthew 22:45
Matthew 23:39
Matthew 27:10
Matthew 28:2

Mark 1:3
Mark 2:26
Mark 5:19
Mark 11:9
Mark 12:11
Mark 12:29
Mark 12:36
Mark 13:20

Luke 1:6
Luke 1:9
Luke 1:11
Luke 1:15
Luke 1:16
Luke 1:25
Luke 1:32
Luke 1:38
Luke 1:45
Luke 1:66
Luke 1:68
Luke 1:76
Luke 2:9
Luke 2:11
Luke 2:15
Luke 2:23
Luke 2:22
Luke 2:24
Luke 2:26
Luke 2:39
Luke 3:4
Luke 4:18
Luke 5:17
Luke 6:4
Luke 13:35
Luke 17:29
Luke 19:38
Luke 20:37
Luke 20:42

John 1:23
John 8:11
John 12:13
John 12:38

Acts 1:24
Acts 2:20
Acts 2:21
Acts 2:34
Acts 2:36
Acts 2:38
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Acts 3:22
Acts 4:24
Acts 4:26
Acts 4:29
Acts 5:9
Acts 5:19
Acts 6:3
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Acts 7:31
Acts 7:33
Acts 7:37
Acts 7:49
Acts 8:26
Acts 8:39
Acts 9:15
Acts 10:36
Acts 11:21
Acts 12:7
Acts 12:17
Acts 12:11
Acts 12:23
Acts 13:10
Acts 13:11
Acts 13:12
Acts 13:49
Acts 14:3
Acts 14:25
Acts 14:26
Acts 15:17
Acts 16:32
Acts 18:9
Acts 18:25
Acts 18:26
Acts 19:10

Romans 9:28
Romans 9:29
Romans 10:12
Romans 10:13
Romans 11:34
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Romans 14:11

1Corinthians 2:16
1Corinthians 3:5
1Corinthians 3:20
1Corinthians 4:4
1Corinthians 4:5
1Corinthians 4:19
1Corinthians 7:17
1Corinthians 8:6
1Corinthians 10:26
1Corinthians 11:27
1Corinthians 11:29
1Corinthians 12:3
1Corinthians 12:5
1Corinthians 14:21
1Corinthians 15:47
1Corinthians 15:58
1Corinthians 16:10

2Corinthians 3:16
2Corinthians 3:17
2Corinthians 3:18
2Corinthians 6:17
2Corinthians 6:18
2Corinthians 10:18

Ephesians 4:5

Philippians 2:11

Colossians 3:22

2Thessalonians 3:3

2Timothy 2:19

Hebrews 6:3
Hebrews 7:21
Hebrews 8:8
Hebrews 8:9
Hebrews 8:10
Hebrews 10:16
Hebrews 10:30
Hebrews 12:5
Hebrews 12:6
Hebrews 13:5

James 1:7
James 4:10
James 4:15
James 5:4
James 5:7
James 5:10
James 5:11

1Peter 2:3
1Peter 3:12

2Peter 2:9
2Peter 2:11
2Peter 3:9
2Peter 3:10
2Peter 3:15

Jude 1:9
Jude 1:14

Revelation 1:8
Revelation 4:8
Revelation 6:10
Revelation 11:17
Revelation 14:10
Revelation 15:3
Revelation 15:4
Revelation 16:7
Revelation 18:8
Revelation 19:6
Revelation 21:22
Revelation 22:5
Revelation 22:20

Thats would then appear the AENT 1st Edition is way off, with a lot more references than what you have listed. I currently use a nkjv bible with underlined "lords" for every YHWH in the NT because I did the same thing you did...went through the AENT and found them all, and trasnferred them all to my bible. You think you're missing a few?
If anybody can add to this post, by all means, PLEEEEEEEEEAAASE, list all the references to yhwh in the new testament. I would be more confident in my work, but like I said, I derived all my examples from the AENT in which I already found one mistake (matthew 13:27 shouldnt say yhwh, but lord/master).

I want to buy a NASB and give it the "Marya touch-up".

Hi Rungold,

I have updated the list to show both forms of d'Marya & Marya...I had just listed those which were the same form (d'Marya) as that found in Acts 2:36, which I was comparing all the instances of that particular form with it.

Now we can look at all the other forms of the same word as well. If you or others find more instances in the Peshitta, please show them here.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... a&size=150</a><!-- m -->%

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... a&size=150</a><!-- m -->%

Also, it looks like Andrew chose to interpret rather than translate there in Matthew 13:27. In the Parable, Andrew chose to interpret the "House" as YHWH's House, rather than just the Parabolic master of the house, which Y'shua is speaking of. I think it would be best not to interpret the Scriptures when translating them, but if one feels a need to do so, then they should at least put a note there, explaining the reasons.

Hi, until I can figure out how to use the bookmark feature I am using this comment to help me save this thread under - view my posts. This site will not let me save the page to my favorites as it will only save the home page. This is at this point and time the only way I can figure out how to find a particular thread for latter viewing. Anyway I had read a book that would have seemed to point out that YawHu-Shuah was not his father nor pre-Existant either. The book is called Just Who Then Is This? I am not sure whether the author used the Greek text or Aramaic. It can be found @: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... l_book.pdf</a><!-- m -->

Anyway I will be checking into the claims made here to see if they are stronger than the one made in the book I mention above.

YawHuWaH Speed, awmane.
Visit <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> to see the forum without the frame.
Once again, Thirdwoe, thank you SO MUCH for that MARYA list. I wrote them all down today and will be inserting them into an NASB pretty soon. (LOVE how smooth the NASB reads...and its as accurate and literal as an English reader could ask for).

Also will do other Peshitta changes like Simon the POTTER instead of the leper, people will hardly die for a WICKED man as opposed to good, avoiding the vain repititions of the SCRIBES, as opposed to the law, and other such things.

But to clarify, is Acts 2:36 really not saying YHWH, except for its context? Cause so many other verses proves hes YHWH, I dont see the reason why one would deliberately change what it says for context.

And does Matthew 13:27 say neither d'Marya or Marya, cause its not on either of your lists. Thanks, Thirdwoe, you are wonderful.
Or what, is both d'Marya AND Marya mean YHWH? I was thinking d'Marya was something to the effect of maran (lord), and Marya meant YHWH. I didnt copy your d'Marya list.
Hey Rungold,

d'Marya is the same as Marya = YHWH, only that the d' in front of Marya, means "of Marya" in the Angel "of Marya" appeared.

Going by the request for all references to YHWH in the New Testament...

I am no expert by any means nor do I pretend to be. However when I was first studying Aramaic/Peshitta Primacy (which I subscribe to) I was very interested in MarYah and all its occurrences. I discovered a PDF by Dave Bauscher on this very subject and he counts 215 instances and he includes the Peshitta in Hebrew block font with the particular words emphasized and underlined. It seems that "MarYah" and "D'MaYah" are not the only only things translated as "Master YHWH". There are words such as "L'MarYah" and "DL'MarYah". The first two of many such examples are Matthew 4:7,10 which have the spellings I just listed and when looking at the AENT 4th ed., Roth does translate those word spellings as "Master YHWH":
(I apologize, I do not know how to copy the language fonts, so it is coming out English transliteration, right to left. I am indeed a noob here.)

Mt 4:7 Khla ayrml aont ald bytk bwt ewsy hl rma
AENT 4th: Y'shua said to him, "Again it is written that you will not test Master YHWH your Elohim."

Mt 4:10 xwlpt yhwdwxlb hlw dwgot Khla ayrmld ryg bytk anjo Kl lz ewsy hl rma Nydyh
AENT 4th: Then Y'shua said to him "Leave enemy, for it is written that you will worship Master YHWH your Elohim and Him alone you will serve."

So by no means am I criticizing the effort made, but the list here is drastically short it seems. My source for comparison to the AENT 4th ed. is

I hope this info helps... unless everyone already knew all this and I missed something in which case I am repeating old news looking like an idiot, which is likely. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/happy.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
rungold315 Wrote:But to clarify, is Acts 2:36 really not saying YHWH, except for its context? Cause so many other verses proves hes YHWH, I dont see the reason why one would deliberately change what it says for context.

And does Matthew 13:27 say neither d'Marya or Marya, cause its not on either of your lists. Thanks, Thirdwoe, you are wonderful.

I know this was not addressed to me, but if I may respond...
Going strictly by the AENT which I certainly do trust highly, Acts 2:36 does indeed have "D'MarYah" in the Aramaic, however Matthew 13:27 is simply "D'Mara" (in-case I have that technically wrong, the word is missing the "yod") but the AENT translation has it in English as "Master YHWH" which IMO means there was more interpretation there rather than literal translation. Again, I am however no expert.

Hope that helps.
Wow, PM Saunders, awesome link and thanks for pointing out the additional forms of YHWH. But alas, I only speak English, and in this partciular category of scripture, I can only rely on people's answers and discussions here to know where YHWH is exactly each and every time. The help on this board is astounding though.
We can check these all out easy enough on Thanks for the info PM!

I'll update the list to show the further forms of Marya. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Proclitics always throw a monkey wrench into things. Think of the English element re- when it is prepended to a word. Rewritten, reworked, reworded, retold, etc. That's sort of like Aramaic Proclitics.

Proclitics go in front of the word. So you have D' (of) and L' (to) and W' (and). Sometimes the Proclitics are combined, so you get d'l' in front of the word.

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