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1 Enoch
Dear family in Yashua,Berek Alaha! I'm wondering if anyone shares an interest in the Aramaic book of 1 Enoch./the Ethiopian Orthodox church is the only ancient EasternApostolic church to have canonised this book although it was highly regarded amongst the earliest church fathers.As we know Revelation barely made it into the canon and didnt technically make it into the original Peshitta New Testament. 1 Enoch should rightfully be in the standard biblical canon as it is defineatly Divinely inspired which is very evident when reading it.The Dead Sea scrolls also had numerous fragments and texts of 1 Enoch although it is primarily from the Ethiopian Geez and Amharic that the current editions are made from as no surviving complete manuscripts in Aramaic have came down to us.St.Jude quotes from it in his epistle as does our Lord when He states He saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.In Yashua,Michael.

Sure! I would like to see, finally, a copy or transcript from the Aramaic Henoch as someone does privately own it but it never get's published.
So, we do still have the Ethiopian copy.

But, recently a thread about Enoch was started here.
Look at the thread about Enoch that I started recently. The proofs are abundant.
Dear beloved family in Yashua, Berek Alaha. I recomend the translation of 1 Enoch by George Nickelsburg @ James Vanderkam who did a great job and R.H.Charles whose trans has alot of informative footnotes and history. 1 Enoch was held as canonical by many early church fathers but only made it into the Ethiopian Orthodox canon. As I am also Oriental Orthodox-(the ancient churches that rejected the council of Chalcedon-Armenian Orthodox,Syrian Orthodox,Syrian Malankara Orthodox,Coptic Orthodox,Ethiopian Orthodox,Indian Orthodox @ Eretrian Orthodox) I accept 1 Enoch as canonical even though its technically only in the Ethiopian and Eretrian Orthodox canon. The Oriental Orthodox churches,exspecially those from the ancient Syriac tradition,have maintained a great deal of the ancient original,semitic spirituality,mysticism,Judao-Christian Apostolic traditions of the original mother church of Jerusalem as the Syriac churches are the direct daughter churches of Jerusalem.This also includes the Holy Church of the East and the Syrian Antiochian Maronite Catholic church as well as the other Syrian Rite Catholic churches which are groups from the previously mentioned Syrian Orthodox,Syrian Malankara Orthodox,and Church of the East who have went under Rome for political reasons rather than theological.
The more and deeper I study the Holy Scriptures,which is always from the Peshitta from the published.good translations available,the less sectarian I have become and far more echumenical in my faith and love of our Holy Moran,Alaha,and Makydoneh Yashua Mshiho.
In Yashua,D.Michael.

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